Cooking on gas with a touch of class.

We want the best products for our customers.  Our team of outdoor cooking experts continually scans the market for emerging technology and new equipment.  Halmo is rapidly making a quality name for itself in the European gas grill market for competitively priced, premium products with fantastic features.  

Halmo offers you the latest generation of gas grills and accessories.  Its 4 and 6 burner gas grills feature an array of smart, snazzy touches, including push release cabinet system with storage drawer, rotisserie, illuminated control panel, milled steel sure-grip handle and optional viewing window.

These innovative platform cooking systems give you increased flexibility to cook a range of different foods simultaneously, with an asymmetric burner system featuring both a high power burner and side burner.

The Fire and Food BBQ Store will also soon be offering the highly versatile Halmo platform modular grill system on which it currently has a patent pending.  The product is a real game changer for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, with universal accessories which fit all dedicated gas grills.

With features including a reversible grill plate and plancha, pizza baking stone, warmer tray, and even a Teppan Yaki plate for Japanese cuisine, this modular system will transform your outdoor cooking with gas.