A big brand name making waves all over the world.

How would you like to mix modern outdoor cooking equipment with traditional grilling methods steeped in history and culture?  Then look no further than the Monolith range.  These classic ceramic grills are innovative, multifunctional, energy efficient and designed for an array of culinary dishes and tastes.

Monolith ceramic grills are distinctive in design and highly versatile. Their advanced ceramic grill technology is equally adaptable for grilling, smoking, baking, searing, barbecuing or roasting.

Best sellers

The stainless steel Monolith Kamado outdoor grilling system includes a wood chip feed system and lid thermometer.  It comes in three different sizes – Junior, Classic and Le Chef – so you can choose which one best fits your family needs.  You can use the grill as a smoker or a pizza oven, set up the fire plate or cook with the wok.

Ceramic grills like these have been used across the world for centuries, but they took off in the American market in a big way from the 1950s onwards.  Based on the original ‘Mushikamado’ concept, its ceramic grills are now a mainstay of the outdoor cooking market.

Aesthetic to the eye and fashionable, a Monolith ceramic grill will bring joy and excitement to your cooking, allowing you to explore endless culinary techniques, recipes and dishes from all over the world.