Sleek outdoor cooking designs and functionality with Quoco.

At the Fire and Food BBQ Store, we have a sharp eye for expert craftsmanship and great design in outdoor cooking equipment.  That’s why we love the Quoco 3-in-1 cooking system with BBQ, plancha and fire pit.  Its innovative, functional design makes it ideal for outdoor cooking all year round in any home entertainment surrounding.

If you’re looking to wow your party guests, family and friends with your outdoor cooking skills, the Quoco Plancha’s highly versatile 3 in 1 barbecue grill, outdoor kitchen and firepit will make an instant impression.

It’s a state-of-the-art, high tech outdoor cooking system with unique air flow to generate a quick start to your cooking sessions.  Easy to maintain and clean, you can use wood, charcoal or briquettes to fuel it.  You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to regulate the fire and heat during the cooking process and maintain the right airflow in the bowl for delicious results.  For many of our customers, it helps them create the ideal outdoor kitchen and barbecue area for parties at home – any time of year.

The versatile and durable Quoco BBQ, plancha and fire pit can be augmented with an array of high quality outdoor kitchen accessories, all designed to help you make your outdoor cooking experiences easy as pie.