Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Do your parents just love camping? Is Aunty Gill always climbing the Seven Summits? When you have family and friends who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, it can be difficult to know just what to buy for them. But fear not! We have rounded up a selection of perfect Christmas gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts.

Petromax Fire Skillet With One Handle

petromax fire skillet outdoor cooking

So you know your dad loves firing up the barbecue but has he got all the accessories to make his cooking adventures feel like a walk in the park? The Petromax Fire Skillet is great for searing, frying or roasting… almost anything!

The skillet is robust, durable and pre seasoned making it suitable for use on a BBQ, over an open fire or in the kitchen. These are also available in a variety of sizes allowing you to choose a gift that suits your price point. Bonus!



Alfresco Chef Meat Claws

Alfresco Chef Meat Claws

Priced at just £4.99, the Alfresco Chef Meat Claws make a fantastic stocking filler gift. They’re a great tool for shredding meat both in the kitchen and during outdoor adventures. They are easy to use – hold onto the meat with one tool and use the other to shred the meat into long tender strips!





Looftlighter – Grill & Fire Starter

Starting a charcoal bbq with looftlighter fire starter

The Looftlighter is the most quick, safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting BBQs, Pizza Ovens and Stoves! No flame… no gas… just super-heated air that ignites your charcoal or wood in an instant.

It also has an integrated bottle opener – Making it the perfect Christmas gift for an outdoor cooking enthusiast.




Marcus Bawdons Fire and Food Book

Marcus Bawdon Food and Fire outdoor cooking recipe book

In his book, Fire and Food, Marcus Bawdon shares all his tips for cooking with fire. Cultures across the globe have cooked in this way for thousands of years, developing their own innovative methods to combine heat and local flavours.

Your loved one will enjoy cooking up some of the 65 lip-smacking recipes that are shared in this book. If you’re really lucky, they might even share one of their creations with you.




Alfresco Chef 14” Acacia Wood Serving Board

Alfresco Chef slice and serve acacia wood pizza board

The Slice and Serve is one of our most popular accessories and a fantastic gift for the pizza oven enthusiast. Not just for pizza, this multi-purpose board can be flipped over and used for serving antipasti, cheese, meats or bread.