Top 10 unusual gifts for men

With Christmas just weeks away it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll gift your closest BBQ enthusiast. We’ll admit it can often be a tricky job, keen BBQ connoisseurs can be very particular but fear not, we have put together a list of 10 unusual gifts perfect for anyone with a love for cooking.


  1. Looftlighter – Grill & Fire Starter – £59.99

Never mess around with matches and lighters again with the Looftlighter. This gadget is the quickest, safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting Grills, Kamodos, smokers, kettles, pizza ovens and stoves. It also has an integrated bottle opener – Making it one of the most perfect, yet unusual gifts for a BBQ Enthusiast!

Looftlighter lighting a BBQ

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  1. Feuerhand Storm Lantern – From £29.99 £22.49

The original Feuerhand hurricane lanterns have been produced in Germany since 1902. The unique quality and excellent finish guarantee the best quality money can buy. Due to the specially developed burner element, there is no flickering and sooting from the flame.

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  1. Alfresco Chef Large Calzone Press – £9.99

It’s all in the fold to create an Italian classic! Become the master pizzaiolo with the Alfresco Chef large calzone press. Fun and easy to use. Roll your dough and shape into the press and fill with your favourite ingredients. It’s even great for pastries too!

Calzone press

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  1. CookPerfect Wireless Thermometer £99.99 £49.50

This cooking Bluetooth gadget helps make sure your meat is cooked to perfection – every single time! The intelligent and interactive meat thermometer uses multiple measuring points, and an algorithm to ensure perfectly cooked meat – regardless of how the sensor is placed in the meat.

CookPerfect meat thermometer in action

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  1. Tramontina Churrasco 16 pcs. BBQ Set £199.99 £129.99

This is the perfect gift for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. The BBQ set is made from high-quality stainless steel with plywood handles.

Tramontina 16 piece knife set

  1. Alfresco Chef Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter – £8.99

Traditional pizza cutters have had their day. Step forward the Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter from Alfresco Chef. It’s also very handy for helping you chop up your herbs.

mezzaluna pizza cutter

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  1. Marcus Bawdons Fire and Food Book – £14.99

Cooking with fire is primal. There is nothing simpler – no metalwork, no fancy gadgets, just food and flame – allowing you to take the most basic of ingredients and turn them into something special.

Marcus Bawdown Fire and Food book

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  1. Quoco Piatto Basso+ – £1,975.00 £1,382.50

The Quoco Piatto Basso+ is the perfect centrepiece for any outdoor seating area and social gathering. Featuring a wooden safety guard, the Quoco Piatto Basso+ can be used as Barbecue, slow cooker or fire pit.

Quoco Basso+ ready to be lit

  1. Petromax Professional Blowtorch £19.99 £15.99

The Petromax professional blowtorch is an excellent tool for lighting barbecues, campfires and Petromax lamps.

Petromax Blowtorch in action

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  1. Tramontina Portable Charcoal Grill with Lid – £79.99

With Tramontina’s TCP-320L charcoal grill with enamelled steel lid, stainless steel grate and utensils from the Churrasco line, you will have no more excuses not to prepare delicious barbecues. The result is mouthwatering food for you to savour whenever and wherever you like!

Tramontina Portable grill in action