Best Smoker Recipes for Autumn

We have rounded up the best smoker recipes for a hearty autumn meal.

Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with new smoker recipes. When the dark nights roll in and the air starts to get cooler, our choice of recipes usually reflects our bodies’ craving for something a bit heartier and flavoursome.

When people think of smoker recipes, they tend to picture beef briskets and other expensive cuts of meat. Would you be shocked if we told you to make a stew in your smoker oven? Smokers are incredibly versatile, so long as you have a decent skillet or casserole dish, you can make virtually anything.

Best Smoker Recipes

  1. Smoked beef short rib stew

We all love the taste of mouth watering barbecued meat, but your autumn dinner menu isn’t complete without a cosy stew to enjoy by the fire. This beef short rib stew is the perfect choice for a midweek supper. It’s comforting, delicious, and with the addition of smoked meat, it is definitely the smoker recipe all you meat enthusiasts have been looking for.


2. Smoked pork shoulder

A pork shoulder joint should always be on the shopping list when considering your autumn smoker recipes. Not only does the long, slow smoking method work well with large cuts of meat, pork shoulders are relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile. This hickory smoke infused recipe is delicious served on a warm toasted bun. If you really wanted to achieve that winter warmer vibe, pop it over a hot baked potato.


3. Smoked salmon kedgeree

Enjoy an autumn stir fry, smoker style! The flavour smoked salmon brings to a dish is undeniable. This super easy smoker recipe relies on the flavours from the fish to transfer onto the rice, making a delicious one-bowl dinner. Toss it all in together, give it a stir and enjoy!


4. Whole smoked turkey with herbs

How could we leave the traditional Sunday dinner out of our list of best smoker recipes? We Brits take our Sunday dinners very seriously! But don’t be fooled into thinking a Sunday roast needs to be cooked in your kitchen oven – smoking is a delicious way to prepare a whole turkey. All you need is your favourite meat rub and the time to sit back and relax while your smoker oven works its magic.  Just be sure to check that your turkey fits perfectly inside your smoker!


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