CookPerfect to gauge the party temperature.

It’s our mission at the Fire and Food BBQ Store to help you impress your party guests with delicious outdoor cooking. So how do you get the best results? We like to help our customers with all the latest technology and the CookPerfect meat thermometer is a prime example.

The CookPerfect meat thermometer has multiple sensors for you to measure the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking. That means you know exactly when your meat is how you want it for maximum tenderness and flavour.

Linked by Bluetooth to a free smartphone app, you can monitor the entire cooking process, from meat temperature to oven or grill airflow.  It’s great for the party host who likes to mingle whilst cooking.  You can track the progress of your meal from anywhere in your home or garden – up to 120 metres away!  And adding another thermometer probe will allow you to cook two joints of meat to perfection at the same time.

With automatic core temperature readings and the capability to withstand temperatures of up to 300°C, the CookPerfect meat thermometer is a great addition for outdoor ovens and BBQs.  It will give you greater control of the cooking process whilst you let your hair down and entertain your guests.