Petromax to bring fire and light to your outdoor cooking.

Petromax is a highly popular brand for customers here at the Fire and Food BBQ Store.  It offers a range of cast iron accessories to meet your barbecue and outdoor cooking needs, whether you’re hosting at home or out and about in the countryside on a camping or hiking expedition.

Widely regarded as a leading brand for fire cooking, bushcraft and survival, Petromax has cleverly become synonymous with both tradition and innovation by offering a vast range of outdoor cooking equipment.

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With high quality, expert design, it offers market leading products and accessories to cater for the cooking needs of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.  Just take a look at the 3-in-1 Atago portable BBQ, oven and slow cooker, and indeed its wider range of cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets, griddles and other accessories.

Petromax has been a household name for over a century.  It all started with the invention of a lamp to light the way.  Now it has fully embraced the fascination of fire and open-air cooking.

Petromax equipment is designed for use both at home on a BBQ or on open fires anywhere in the great outdoors, helping give your food those unique, smoky flavours you crave.