A sharper approach to outdoor food prep.

The Fire and Food BBQ Store can give you edge, style and sophistication when it comes to cookware, especially with the Tramontina range of barbecues, portable grills and cookware accessories. With over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing high-quality products, Tramontina has a wealth of expertise in knives, utensils and barbecue accessories.

BBQ and cooking enthusiasts love to have the grills and tools to make life easy.  So why not try the Tramontina range?  From its Churrasco carbon steel charcoal portable grill, with or without lid, to the stainless steel beer barrel grill, we can help you become an adept barbecue maestro.

The Tramontina range of distinctive, highly durable, stainless steel knives combine great design and functionality too.  The Churrasco line is particularly suited to the outdoor cooking scene.  Featuring brown, heat and shock resistant Polywood handles and smart leather sheaths for safer storage, these meat, steak and carving knives are known for their easy handling and high performance to ensure high quality cuts of BBQ meat.

For barbecues and outdoor cooking, you need equipment that has been lovingly designed by the experts to be fit for that purpose.  That’s Tramontina.