Wood fired ovens and accessories from The Alfresco Chef.

The Fire and Food BBQ Store works with some of the most exciting and innovative brands in the outdoor cooking field – none more so than The Alfresco Chef. Its stated aim is to make authentic, wood fired cooking accessible to everyone, with a range of wood fired pizza ovens and an array of accessories for pizza, baking, roasting and searing.

The Alfresco Chef’s wood fired ovens will bring your house party scene alive, allowing you to immerse yourselves in fire cooking at its best.  You can use a variety of wood fired cooking methods to create delicious dishes and fun foodie experiences at home.

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Perfect for home entertaining spaces, Alfresco Chef ovens help you produce tasty, crispy stone baked pizzas.  You can also use them to barbecue, roast or bake, serving up delicious dishes full of wood fired flavour.

Choose from a range of ovens to best suit your party needs.  Featuring ceramic fibre installation and thick fire brick floor tiles, they can reach temperatures of over 400°C in 20 minutes and will give you a consistent cooking experience and great results every time.

Portable, easy to store and with a mobile stand, Alfresco Chef wood fired ovens come with a three year warranty.  With a flat base, they can also be used on heat-proof surfaces indoors and out.