The original grill and fire starter 

Simplicity, ease and convenience are all crucial aspects of working with Fire and Food, so the electric Looft Lighter is a great way to get your BBQ, grill, stove or oven fuel lit and up to temperature at speed.  To quote its founder: “Fire makes the best food seasoning, not lighter fluid”.

With its superheated airflow, the Looftlighter electric BBQ and stove lighter is an innovative tool for the quickfire lighting of grills, fireplaces or firepits. It fires up your fuel in no time at all, generating temperatures of 1200°F to get charcoal glowing in just 60 seconds.  It’s also much quicker, cleaner and safer than using lighter fluid – and will help ensure a better flavour to your food.

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Easy to use and incredibly versatile, you can use the Looft Lighter to fire up BBQs, charcoal grills, kamodos and pizza ovens, as well as fireplace logs, kindling, fuel and briquettes.  No faffing about waiting for smoke to clear and for charcoal or other fuels to heat up.  You’ll get the embers glowing in a trice so you can get cooking.

The Looft Lighter electric BBQ and stove lighter also ticks the box with zero CO2 emissions and no nasty chemicals to start your fire.