Modern outdoor cooking equipment to give you real wood flavour every time.

The team at Fire and Food takes great pride in bringing you outdoor cooking equipment and ideas from all over the world. Louisiana Grills epitomises our efforts to leave no stone unturned, bringing its family based cooking traditions and modern craftsmanship and marrying them with smoky recipes using its wood pellet grills.

Louisiana Grills help you develop real wood flavours and the chance to try traditional gourmet BBQ recipes and spicy dishes steeped in the culture of outdoor food preparation and dining. Its pellet based outdoor grills and smokers will help take your culinary skills to new levels.

Louisiana Grills is at the forefront of newly developed outdoor cooking technologies and is well known for durability and craftsmanship in its products, as well as for its family style and approach to business.

Louisiana Grills come with best in class warranties which include a 5 year guarantee.  With exceptional quality of build, added modern features such as Wifi and Bluetooth enabled SMOKE IT apps, meat temperature probes and touch screen panels all help you get that real wood flavour every time you cook.

These multifunctional grills allow you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, chargrill and BBQ – cook whatever way you fancy!  And you can use the flame broiler for open flame searing too.